Of Donkeys and M(asses)

In order to enjoy the mood of the blog-post at its fullest,

replace the word “donkey” with its synonym “ass when suggested!


Ever wondered y God made donkeys [yeah, replace 🙂 ]? [Or you are just simply satisfied living your life the way it is? ]

Simmmple…. God made donkeys, in fact HE CREATED donkeys (because its someone else who makes a(n) donkey [yeah yeah, replace replace 😀 out of you]!Anyways, cutting it,(all) donkeys were created/made (whichever suits you) to do all the donkey work!

I know that this is not new for you [ by “this” I don’t mean to say donkey work], its something all of you have known since your birth [i-e seeing donkeys all around doing the donkey work], so is it just a blog-post for the sake of blogging?? YES YOU GOT IT RIGHT! Let us now deeply dive into donkeys [DOONNNNTTTTTTT REPLAAACE!!! : ]

Donkeys (hmm u can replace) have been there for donkey’s years,[ and they gona be there for donkey’s years, they gotta be there or else the universe will seize up], they just came to earth, they saw, and they got confused! Thus could not conquer but got conquered, this then epoch-making incident laid the foundation stones for the development of modern human societies and communities by giving birth to “Master-Slave” class system. This “Master” was not much different from his slave(s), he just got lucky, found some natural resources, discovered a few things, invented a few tools, got political and used all this stuff (combined as his POWER) to pull others in his slavery and started making a(n) donkey [replace] out of them, off course for his very own interests.
The Donkeys were so afraid, harassed and confused that they immediately gave in, without using any sort of common sense [ I doubt if they use it now!] , they obeyed, they ploughed, they hunted, they fought, all for the master who just, if very benevolent, gave them the chicken feed ( which is still the basic compensation structure, the only change is the chicken are now “chickengunyaad”)

What!!!??? Donkeys?? Evolution???!!! You Kiddin???!!!!

NATURE and PROPERTIES [ of . . . . . (yeah u got it right!)]
Donkeys (replace) are found in every shape, size, race, ethnicity, nationality, you name it! They are very loyal and reliable, else would have been politicians. They like maintaining the status quo, as “to obey” is now in their DNAs, [especially when they are being ruled from the HOLY HOUSES OF THE STATE] ,they multiply at a good rate [1.9 % , 2008 est.] , and they don’t know how to unite. Anything can easily divide them, ranging from their breed to their sect, all depending upon the Master, whatever he chooses as the rein.

The famous sport is the Donkey race in which a number of donkey carts race each other madly, so that their respective master can win and reward them with the same old chicken feed, after the main course of brutal beatings to make the donkey run faster, and defeat his own brothers just for the sake of his Master. You will never find donkeys racing each other on their own, there will always be different masters [mentally] leading the race.

The grand race occurs every 5 years, usually!

. . . the overall situation of donkeys is not that bad, actually. Many things have changed since the first master-slave society thing. Donkeys do have their own rights now, they are free to get frustrated,state makes sure that they have enough opportunities to get and stay frustrated, they can dream about anything they want, as achieving those things in dreams will not leave room to go get in the reality,they have got freedom of speech, so that they can listen to their own echo and don’t feel suffocated,they enjoy the suffrage, so that they can choose whoever they would love to follow for some more years, more importantly, as the society is now civilized, they are no more called slaves, they are termed as Masses, i-e, asses (donkeys) that are always blindly behind the big M, the Master with power, the Master with resources!


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